Linux commands to use with your Minecraft server on a VPS

Log in using PutTy

You need to change directories to get to your minecraft directory.  For example,

cd minecraft/bukkit

If you’re having trouble, you may be in the wrong directory. So, type


and it will return you to your home directory. From there, you can do

cd minecraft/bukkit

To start the minecraft server, run the script:




This will switch the “screen” over to the minecraft server screen output.
In this window, you can simply type


Sometimes, your PutTy session will freeze, but your minecraft server is still running.  This is because of “screen”.

Screen is a program that allows multiple processes to be running.  You have to recapture your lost screen.  This is sort of like when you use Alt-Tab in Windows.

See the explanation here on how to switch screen sessions.

Basically, you can do

screen -r

and it should return the session

Check if the port is open

You might need to check if the port is open. Use this site: I think it will only work if the minecraft server is running. So, make sure it is running before you check it on that page. Put in the IP address – the one, not the one it populates by default.

Add the port to TCP_IN in whm under the firewall configurations:


Minecraft backup

To make a backup of your stuff, move up a directory:

cd ..

This should put you in the minecraft directory.
You can make a copy of the whole thing by typing

 cp -R bukkit bukkit2

You can use different names to keep different versions. In this case, your backup is bukkit2.
If you mess something up, you need to delete (remove) your bukkit directory and then copy your backup to the bukkit directory. You should probably stop your minecraft server first with the stop command.

rm -rf bukkit
cp -R bukkit2 bukkit

In this case, we copied bukkit2 to bukkit. (bukkit2 was considered your “backup” and bukkit is your main/working server directory)

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